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    YOU WILL NEED: *vegan recipe
    1 sheet of shortcrust pastry /* vegan shortcrust pastry
    NOTE: The shortcrust pastry could be either store-bought or homemade.
    3 whole eggs /*1 pack of firm tofu, patted dry
    150g cooked ham or smoked bacon, cubes /*fresh sliced mushrooms
    200g grated cheese (Emmental / Gruyere) /*Almonds skinned, laminated or vegan cheese
    A splash of milk (about 50ml) /*any veggie drink or non-dairy milk
    A generous splash of double cream (about 100ml) /*2 tbsp nutritional yeast and 3 tbsp hummus
    A bunch of broccoli florets, chopped
    Half of chopped onion
    Half of chopped leek (white part)
    A generous splash of extra virgin olive oil or olive oil (about 50ml), to taste
    Grated nutmeg, to taste
    Ground white pepper, to taste
    A pinch of ground nutmeg, to taste 
    Salt, to taste

    1. Preheat the oven to 180 º C. Cover the tart baking pan with baking paper.
    2. Extend one sheet of shortcrust pastry with floured rolling pin. Cover the baking pan with the shortcrust pastry.
    3. Prick the shortcrust pastry surface arbitrarily with a fork. Bake it around 15 minutes. Remove the baked tart crust.
    4. Wash the vegetables well. Chop the onion, leek and broccoli florets into cubes.
    5. Heat olive oil in a big saucepan. Sauté the chopped onion and leek. Stir several minutes. Add the chopped broccoli florets and the bacon cubes. Stir it occasionally over low heat for a few minutes.
    6. Remove from heat and let it cool. Evenly spread the veggies and bacon cubes in the baked tart crust.
    7. Beat the eggs in a bowl. Add milk and double cream. Whisk it well. Add salt, grated nutmeg and ground white pepper, to taste.
    7*. To prepare vegan filling, put  rained tofu with nutritional yeast and hummus into the blender measuring cup. Add salt, grated nutmeg and ground black pepper, to taste. Mix everything with the blender until it is the consistency of thick liquid. Set aside.
    8. Pour the mix into the baked tart crust. Scatter with the grated cheese.
    9. Bake it for about 25 - 30 minutes.
    NOTE: The quiche is ready when there is no liquid.
    10. Remove the tart baking pan. Let it cool for a while.
    11. Cut the quiche into pieces and serve it warm.
    YOU WILL NEED: *vegan recipe
    225g plain flour
    100g butter, diced /*vegan butter
    2 and 1/2 tablespoons cold water
    Pinch of salt

    1. Sift the flour into a large bowl, add the butter and rub in with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
    2.Stir in the salt, then add the cold water and mix to a firm dough.
    3. Knead the dough briefly and gently on a floured surface.
    4. Wrap in cling film. 


    YOU WILL NEED: *vegan recipe
    2 handful of dried spaghetti /*vegan spaghetti
    A package sausages (Frankfurt) / *vegan sausages
    A generous splash of tomato sauce (about 100ml), either store bought or homemade.
    Lots of grated cheese (Parmesan) /*vegan cheese
    A handful of fresh basil leaves (torn into small pieces), to taste
    Dried oregano, to taste (optional)
    Ground black pepper, to taste
    Salt, to taste
    A generous splash of extra virgin olive oil or olive oil (about 50ml), to taste
    Water, to boil

    1. Chopped the sausages into 4 or 5 thick slices each. Stick carefully 4 or 5 dried spaghetti through each piece of sausage.
    2. Cook the spaghetti with the stuck sausages in plenty of boiling salted water (for the time stated on the packet). Drain and divide between warmed plates.
    3. Add a good ladleful of the tomato sauce over the spaghetti. Scatter a little parmesan, a handful of small pieces basil leaves, finishing with a twist of black pepper and dried oregano.
    4. The yummy, yummy sewed spaghetti are ready to eat.


    YOU WILL NEED: *vegan recipe
    5 or 6 peach halves in light syrup  (medium size can - 420g)
    4 tablespoons of condensed milk, to taste /* Vegan condensed any veggie drink or non-dairy milk
    2 natural yogurts (125g - small size) /*soy yogurts
    A handful of black mini chocolate chunks or balls /*vegan chocolate
    A pinch of cocoa powder (optional)/*vegan cocoa powder

    LET´S COOK! 
    1. Open the can. Drain the syrup and pour the peaches into the measuring cup of the blender.
    2. Add the natural yogurts and the condensed milk. Mix everything with the blender until custard texture. Rectify the taste by adding condensed milk.
    3. Serve it in short glasses. Scatter black mini chocolate chunks and sprinkle cocoa powder on the top of each glass.
    4. Put the glasses on a tray. Place it in the fridge for long. Serve it cold.


      YOU WILL NEED: *vegan recipe
      2 or 3 apples
      A handful of grapes
      2 teaspoons of honey /*agave nectar, to taste A pinch of cinnamon (optional)
      NOTE: The recipe is for one glass. Double the amount if you want more than one glass.

      LET´S COOK!
      1. Peel the apples. Chop the apples into small pieces. Cut in half the grapes, carefully take out the seeds. Put the fruit into the blender measuring cup. Add the honey and mix it well with the blender.
      2. Strain it, if necessary as sometimes has too much pulp.
      3. Serve in a tall glass with straw. Sprinkle cinnamon on the top of the glass (optional).




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