• Let´s cook, let´s play! 
Cosericantar Blog (creative homemade food) has been created in 2013 as a culinary project for little foodies. First, the aim was to prepare one menu for each month during a year (by cooking four recipes: starter, main course, dessert and drink). Why? Kids can be very picky when it comes to food, specially when its something that is good for them. Cosericantar blog makes it a piece of cake when getting your little ones involved in cooking. 


Later on, tons of new recipes plus Halloween and Easter special menus... In summary, this cooking blog is easy, funky, yummy and healthy with more than 80 homemade recipes (vegan friendly) plus 14 menus. Mix and match recipes as you wish for your everyday meals! Definitely, time flies when you are cooking and playing! 
  • Publication / WHM: Halloween for little foodies (spooky treats + recipes)

  • Let´s cook homemade food around the world! 
Sita & Nena is a family culinary adventure that'll make you enjoy home cooking, keep traditional recipes alive and celebrate cultural culinary diversity.
Grandma Sita and her granddaughter Nena enjoy sharing time, knowledge and passion for food in the kitchen, across the world. 
The aim is to collect homemade recipes from across the globe, by cooking a recipe with members of the family from different generations. From Sita & Nena, we are very grateful to the families who are part of our culinary community. Recipes (vegan friendly), travel & lots of ❤ Please check out our website: sita-nena.com 

  • Thank you so much for dropping by! Long live home cooking!
PS: Hope my passion about home cooking food is positively contagious, making this blog a joy to read and especially to make you cook in company of your little foodies.
***Sorry in advance about my spelling, English is not my first language.


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