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WIKI NOTE: The cheesecake is one of the most common desserts in the world and perhaps one of the oldest that could have been a very popular dish in ancient Greece. The cheesecake was part of the menu tasted the athletes who participated in the first Olympic Games in history, which took place in 776 BC. The exquisite cake spread across Europe after the Romans conquered Greece.

NOTE: Cheese wedges  (The laughing cow) or cream cheese (Philadelphiait can be used in cooking to make this recipe of cheesecake, both recipes are delicious.

YOU WILL NEED: *vegan recipe
6 cheese wedges (The laughing cow /*4 cups of dried cashew nuts, soak cashew nuts in water for about 8 hours
NOTE: 200g cream cheese (Philadelphiainstead of 6 cheese wedges (The laughing cow).
2 whole eggs /*eggless
2 units of natural yogurt, small size container /*soy natural yogurt (125g = small size container)
NOTE: The yogur container - small size is the unit of measure for the recipe.
2 yogurt container (unit of measure) of panela sugar or unrefined cane sugar
2 yogurt container (unit of measure)of wheat flour (plain or all-purpose)
2  yogurt container (unit of measure) of milk /*soy milk
2  yogurt container (unit of measure) of double cream /*vegan double cream
2 tsp baking powder (optional)
1 tsp baking soda (optional)
Homemade strawberry jam, to taste
Homemade kiwi jam, to taste
NOTE: You can use any flavour of jam depends on seasonal fruits and kids tastes.

1. Preheat the oven to 180 º C. Grease a baking pan with butter or sunflower oil.
2. Empty 2 units of natural yogurt into big bowl. Using the yogurt container as a measuring unit, add sugar, flour, milk and double cream. Mix everything with a wooden spoon.
3. Add the eggs, cheese wedges and cinnamon into big bowl.
*vegan recipe: eggless and 4 cups of dried cashew nuts instead of cheese wedges. First soak cashew nuts in water for about 8 hours. Then drain cashew nuts well and crush them in a mortar until obtaining a creamy texture. Add cashew nuts creamy texture into big bowl.
4. Mix everything well with the blender, until it forms a smooth liquid.
5. Pour the mix into the baking pan. Sprinkle sugar on the top.
6. Bake for around 30 minutes, or until browned.
NOTE: Open the oven and prick the cake in the middle with a needle. You can check it many times, until the needle comes out clean. It means that the cake is well done. It´s flat cake because there is not baking powder.
7. Remove the baking pan. Leave the cake to cool for a while.
1. Press a small glass into the cake to make a circle (each circle is an island).
2. Cover each island with fruit jam on top, using different jam flavours to make different islands.




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